Friends of Muizenberg Park
To ensure the public enjoyment, conservation and sound management of Muizenberg Park.

About Muizenberg Park.

       The park situated on the mountain slope above Main Road, extending all the way up to Boyes Drive, in  area bounded by Camp Road (also known as Ellis Road), School Road, and Sea View Road.  Refer to the map on page 2 of our  Photo Gallery for details.    This land is owned and managed by the City of Cape Town.  Formerly, the upper half (above a line extending from Sea View Road) was owned by Table Mountain National Parks, but it has since been incorporated into a single extent.

     Friends of Muizenberg Park refer to the lower half as the Recreational area because there are beautiful lawns, tall trees, a mountain stream with ponds, and of course the Bowling Club house with two well-tended bowling greens.  The upper half we refer to as the Conservation area because it is well-stocked with indigenous fynbos (see the List of Plants in Download section below).

    The Conserservation area, perhaps because it is not perceived to be a park but a wilderness, presents a special problem.  In the last two decades this area has slowly deteriorated and increasingly it is being occupied by various people (and now the lower area too) associated with prostitution, alcoholism, drugs, making fires, and other problematic behaviours (refer to the Chairperson's Report in our Downloads section for more details). 

    Total area of the park is approximately 41540 square metres, and the perimeter is approximately 1120 metres.